Triumph Foundation

After enduring a spinal cord injury shortly after graduating college, Andrew Skinner saw a need in the newly injured populace. During his time in the hospital, he was surrounded by his family, friends, and then-girlfriend, Kirsten, on a daily basis. The constant support that he received from day one helped him bounce back from complete immobility to getting around in his manual wheelchair.

He and Kirsten started Triumph Foundation to reach out and inspire individuals living with a spinal cord injury to keep moving forward and living life. Triumph Foundation also works to minimize any obstacles with the aim to give everyone the support to move on and recover that Andrew had after his accident. It doesn’t stop after the hospital either, as Triumph hosts events, makes equipment donations, and provides support groups for SCI victims during their initial recovery and for years afterward.

Andrew accepted the Ralph W. Braun Spirit of Ability Award on behalf of Triumph Foundation. He and Kirsten continue to run Triumph Foundation full-time and show no sign of slowing down.

“We are all in on this,” said Skinner.