Ready for a Wheelchair Van?

Making the move to a wheelchair accessible vehicle can come with hesitation. Take it from us, we’ve never heard a customer say they wished they’d waited longer to make an investment in mobility. In fact, we’re more used to hearing, “This has changed my life!” Here are just some of the ways a mobility vehicle impacts quality of life for our customers.


Maintain Mobility

The switch from a traditional vehicle to an accessible vehicle that allows you to remain in your wheelchair preserves physical strength and allows you to avoid injuries or falls that could further reduce your mobility.


Eliminate Transferring Pain

The neck, shoulders, arms, and wrists usually bear the brunt of transferring pain. Therapists end up treating a patient for injuries that could have been prevented if he or she was in a wheelchair van more suitable for his or her condition. With a BraunAbility® accessible vehicle, the days of working through pain to transfer into a vehicle are over.


Feel Less Fatigued

Despite the justifications, many find it difficult to deny nagging shoulder pain, decreased tolerance for the hassles of car transfers and chair loading, or the simple fact that they don’t have the energy they once did. Making “the switch” allows for more energy to face your day.


Face the Future

Transfers may not be difficult now, but is it realistic to expect the same five years from now? What can you expect in terms of your strength, lifestyle, pain tolerance, and stamina? Is it practical to stay with a car if your strength has been decreasing while your pain increases?


Relief for Caregivers

Caregivers could experience wear and tear on their bodies over time. A wheelchair van can maintain your independence without sacrificing anyone else’s health or well-being.

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