Jason Gerling

Jason Gerling was a rising star in Minneapolis. His drumming skills continued to advance, and his eyes were set on big music cities like Nashville. After a show one night, Jason was driving home to be with his family instead of spending the night in a hotel with his bandmates. Growing tired, he planned to stop for coffee, but before he got the chance, he fell asleep and wrecked his car. Had a patrol officer not taken this particular back road in the middle of the night and discovered Jason and called an ambulance, Jason most certainly would have died.

He survived his many months in the hospital but was forced into a new life with paralysis. Jason battled depression and struggled to get back to drumming knowing his kit would never sound the same again without a foot capable of operating a bass and hi-hat pedal. But then an idea came to him.

Jason engineered triggers to activate a pre-recorded bass and hi-hat sound. Suddenly, his adapted kit sounded just like his old kit. He could get back to what he loved and he began to share it with everyone.

Now, Jason is working to mass-produce his triggers to help other drummers like himself. He continues to rub elbows with huge names in the music industry and has started a website that demonstrates his invention.

“There are healing properties to music,” Jason said. “I’ll just go play drums and everything just goes away.”

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