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VL917 Vista Series™ Wheelchair Lifts

  • fully automatic lift, operated by an attendant
  • parallel arm lift with hydraulic cylinders
  • unique stacking platform improves driver and passenger visibility through the window and allows access to the door
  • hand-held control box with color-coded rocker switches for easy operation of the lift
  • quick-disconnect hand-held control for simple connection of optional controls or easy field replacement
  • side or rear door application
  • miscellaneous platform widths and lengths
  • dual handrails for security and convenience
  • interlocking restraint belt enables lift operation when engaged
  • mechanically operated outboard barrier that will be in the fully up position before the platform leaves the ground
  • mechanical inboard barrier (IB), ensuring extra safety for the wheelchair occupant
  • bridging feature permits the wheelchair user to board the lift from sidewalks or inclines
  • integrated back-up pump
  • equipped with an anti-rattle feature to avoid unpleasant noise in the vehicle during transit
  • durable high-gloss powder coated finish
  • Lift-Tite system stows the lift platform securely while the vehicle is in transit
  • pump module with removable cover offers easy access to all components

Unique stacking platform improves driver and passenger visibility through the window.
The standard hand-held control's clearly labeled rocker switches make lift operation simple and straightforward.