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Truck Sales & Service
3429 Brightwood Road
Midvale, OH 44653
United States

(800) 282-6100

Business Hours

 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Saturdays and evenings: 8am-12pm 

Truck Sales & Service is a full-service, family-owned automobile dealership that provides a selection of new and pre-owned trucks, buses and forklifts. It specializes in the selling, leasing and renting of equipment and trucks. The dealership operates service, customer support and parts departments. Truck Sales & Service offers heavy- and medium-duty trucks. It also provides severe service trucks for construction, governmental, waste collection and other applications. The dealership offers equipment financing solutions through certified lending institutions. Established in 1933, Truck Sales & Service maintains a staff of more than 150 employees. It provides contract maintenance and repair services. The dealership features trucks from International. Truck Sales & Service maintains a fleet of tandem sleepers, single-axle tractors and van trailers for rent. It maintains several locations in Ohio.

Truck Sales & Service serves Roanoke, OH, Barnhill, OH, Goshen, OH, Wainwright, OH, Schoenbrunn, OH, New Philadelphia, OH, Uhrichsville, OH, and surrounding areas.

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