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Wheelchair Vans: Buying Direct vs. Local – Part 2

In the first segment of this video series, Assistive Technology Specialist Burnie Blackmon discussed the issue of trade-in value for wheelchair vans bought direct from the manufacturer. Continuing our discussion, he now turns to price and how it is directly related to service after the sale.

Without a doubt, it is possible to save money when buying products directly from a manufacturer and “cutting out the middle man.” As a personal example, I’ve saved a lot of money purchasing canoes directly – I do this confidently because, frankly, I don’t have to worry about where to take my canoes for service because they don’t have any moving parts – if they break down it’s probably just because my arms are tired from paddling! However, it’s a little different for handicap vans and wheelchair lifts.

On the surface, BraunAbility wheel chair vans are pretty simple: press the button on the keychain remote, the door opens, the vehicle kneels and the ramp unfolds. But “under the hood,” some pretty sophisticated electronic and mechanical systems make all this happen – and your local BraunAbility Dealer plays a crucial role in keeping your wheelchair vehicle up and running. As Burnie says in the video, it’s pretty much impossible to buy anything mechanical that will not require service at some point. So, when considering a purchase of a ramp van that you will depend on for so much in your daily life, it’s important to think about what you will do in the event of a breakdown.

While we do everything we can to build a quality wheelchair accessible conversion for you, we do indeed have our share of service issues. And that’s why we spend so much time and money making sure our dealers are educated and equipped to service your wheelchair van when you need it.

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