“I’ve Never Purchased an Investment as Rewarding as This”

Jacqueline Gilman and her BraunAbility Rampvan.

Several weeks ago we received a letter from Art Gilman, a retired investment banker from Monterey, CA. According to Art, he had never written a positive testimonial in his 72 years. “I must be getting soft in my old age”, he said, “but I’ve never purchased an investment as rewarding as this.”

When his wife suffered a stroke in 2008, Art desperately searched the Internet for a transportation solution for his wife’s new mobility needs. His online search led him toAccess Options in Watsonville, CA, where he met mobility specialist Thom White…and theBraunAbility Rampvan.

The couple made the investment in their first wheelchair van and never regretted it. Art still remembers picking up Jacqueline from a rehab appointment and being amazed at how easy it was to get in and out of their Toyota. The next time Art picked up his wife from an appointment at the same facility, he watched (and timed!) another patient as she awkwardly loaded and unloaded a wheelchair from a car and make her way into the facility. The transfer process took that person over 9 minutes; the same process for the Gilman’s in their Rampvan took just 24 seconds!

“I must be getting soft in my old age,” he said, “but I’ve never purchased an investment as rewarding as this.”

At the Access Options Customer Appreciation BBQ last year, Art decided it was time to make another investment…this time in a new 2011 Toyota Rampvan (the couple sold their 2008 wheelchair van at a great value to a family in need of mobility).

Today they love their second Rampvan as much as their first, and it’s still allowing them to keep up with their busy lifestyle. “I see the better part of life as being able to travel,” said Art. “This vehicle has let my wife and I continue out travel, and that’s been a major part of her recovery!”

Art and Jacqueline stop by to visit the team at Access Options periodically (Thom even stocks butterscotch candy just for them). Art acknowledges had it not been for them, he wouldn’t have known where to start with selecting the right mobility vehicle. “They were so sensitive, attentive and knowledgeable about my wife’s wants and needs,” he added ” and that is what’s most important”.

Sarena Wahl is a friend of BraunAbility and will help us share stories about our customers, our dealers and our industry from time to time.