What to Expect When You Meet with a BraunAbility Dealer

As anyone who has ever bought clothes online can tell you, while it may be more convenient, there’s no substitute for getting your hands on your purchase ahead of time. Making sure everything fits how it should, that it’s quality-made, and that it won’t be a regret a few days post-purchase are all important considerations. The same holds true for your wheelchair accessible vehicle, and that’s why it’s so important to get to know a BraunAbility mobility consultant at one of our nationwide dealer locations.

Who are BraunAbility mobility consultants and how do they fit into the mobility vehicle buying process? They’re question-askers and solution-finders. They’re your biggest mobility advocates, and they’re excellent listeners. And they’re the single greatest tool for finding the perfect mobility product for your needs!

mobility vehicle buying process questions to keep in mind when visiting a dealer

When you first meet with a BraunAbility mobility consultant, they’ll have a list of questions to get to know you and your situation better. After they’ve taken some measurements and learned more about your situation, they’ll be able to guide you to the best options to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. In short, they take the stress and confusion out of the mobility vehicle buying process.

Don’t be afraid to ask your own questions! From financing to special incentives to vehicle maintenance requirements, your mobility consultant will have the answers. Ready to take the next step? Locate your nearest BraunAbility dealer here!