September 2009

I was at a Colts game a few weeks ago and sitting on both sides of me were two guys in wheelchairs. One was a first-year college student who had just bought a 2009 Entervan to get him to and from class. The other was a cardiologist who’d purchased a Rampvan this past summer. They… Read Article

After reading through thousands and thousands of entries for the Ultimate Fan Van Giveaway over the past four months, we finally have our winner! To start off his entry, Kody Harlow – a 14-year-old from Lebanon, Ohio – wrote, “The FanVan will make a difference in my life because it will make me smile every… Read Article

Almost every time I tell someone what I do for a living I get some variation of the same question. Politely paraphrased, it goes “What exactly is a Recreational Therapist?” It’s probably not what they think. I work for Hook Rehabilitation Center (part of Community Health Network) in Indianapolis, Indiana. My job is two-fold. First,… Read Article

Rise Above: Real World Learning In Chapter Four of his book, “Rise Above”, Ralph Braun discusses how his early education contributed to his success in business. As he entered high school, he was faced with a two-story school building that was inaccessible by wheelchair. Ralph managed to complete all of the courses that were taught… Read Article

“I don’t want to come to the end of my life and find that I have just lived the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.” – Diane Ackerman I recently found this quote and thought it was a great reminder of the value in risk-taking. Life’s meant… Read Article

One of the primary considerations when you’re planning to buy a mobility van, whether it’s your first or a replacement for your current mobility vehicle, is simple: where to go? This hasn’t always been a straightforward consideration. In the past, locating a source that provided specialized equipment like wheelchair vans and wheelchair lifts, not to… Read Article

Parenting is an exercise in patience. How’s that for an understatement? I’d like to count the number of times a day I remind myself to take a deep breath or count to 10 to keep my blood pressure under control after I’ve repeated myself to my three and four-year old for the fifth time or… Read Article

In Chapter Three of his upcoming book “Rise Above,” Ralph Braun turns his attention to the people who helped him overcome barriers and build bridges to a successful future. As he relates throughout the book, there were many who assisted him in the course of his life, but everything was built on the strong foundation… Read Article

BraunAbility Product Support Continues to Improve The BraunAbility Product Support department at BraunAbility® is in a constant state of motion lately. We are evaluating current procedures and processes and updating them to make many things easier for our dealer network and for BraunAbility. As customers, you may never see many of these things personally, but… Read Article

For 74-year-old Gordon Wanamaker, the Entervan® XT wheelchair van has been a long time coming. As someone who sits quite tall in his power chair, he has spent nearly 60 years ducking in and out of vehicles. When Mike Neher of Performance Mobility told him that BraunAbility was developing a new handicapped van to accommodate… Read Article