June 2009

Is it possible? Can we produce a higher quality and just better wheelchair van in less time than it took just a couple months ago? If you would have asked me this six months ago, I would’ve said something like, “We’d obviously like to, but we don’t know how.” Ask me that now and I’ve… Read Article

The strength of our dealer network is something I’ve heard a lot about in my first few months with BraunAbility, but it wasn’t until I spoke with 29-year-old Carrie Greenwood of Kansas that I truly understood the importance of a strong dealer/customer relationship to deliver our customer’s dream vehicle. Carrie has a physical disability called… Read Article

Wheelchair Lift Innovation: BraunAbility UVL BraunAbility’s Under Vehicle Lift (UVL) achieves an optimal combination of convenience, reliability, and accessibility. It’s just as the name suggests- a wheelchair & scooter lift that stores safely & automatically underneath your full-size van until you need it. Mounting the wheelchair lift platform on the underside of the vehicle allows more room… Read Article

I have a technical background, spending hundreds of hours either in school or on the job learning a mechanical trade and never once heard about or considered a career in the mobility industry. If I had not known someone personally involved, I would be on a completely different career path. I recently attended the CTAA… Read Article

Wheelchair Van Reliability Gets a Real World Test Wheelchair van reliability and dependability are our engineers’ top two priorities when designing wheelchair vans. Without these two qualities, we could not stand behind the BraunAbility brand name. That’s easy to say, but it helps to have some proof. That’s why when Jim Newby of Newby-Vance Mobility… Read Article

When I first met Ralph Braun, I was just a young man interested in the new wheelchair lift he’d invented. I came across an advertisement for the lifts in a magazine, and since I didn’t live too far away, I thought I’d drive over to Winamac to see it firsthand. I joke now that the… Read Article

You probably can’t be too paranoid about safety when it comes to your kids, but my wife would tell you that I come close. We have three kids under the age of four. Making sure they avoid disaster is a never-ending, anxiety-filled job. One is perpetually “climbing walls” as Spiderman, and another is just learning… Read Article

At BraunAbility we love to hear stories of customers who ignore the common stereotypes of their disability and defies their handicap. I recently talked to such a customer – Curtiss Wilson of New Mexico – who was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), or “brittle bone disease.” The dominant characteristic of this genetic disorder is fragile bones… Read Article

Tips for Accessible Travel Last week I wrote about ways to make sure both you and your mobility van are well-prepared for an accessible road trip and some steps you can take to avoid unexpected, unpleasant surprises along the way. But what’s the fun of being ready for a trip without an idea of where… Read Article

A while back we received a comment on one of our blogs from a customer, a wheelchair user, who vented his frustration with one of the more difficult aspects of a disability – finding and maintaining employment. I’ve been a wheelchair user for almost 50 years and have been employed with BraunAbility on and off… Read Article