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Mobility Buyers Guide

Tips on purchasing your first mobility van or wheelchair accessible vehicles.

Your First Time Buyers Guide for Mobility Vans

You’re a first time wheelchair van buyer, and like many other customers you have questions about handicap vans, how or where they are built, and what kind of prices to expect. This portion of our website will assist you to find answers to your questions and provide creative mobility product solutions. We encourage you to gather as much information as possible, but the best education of needs and options is done through a consultation with a Mobility Consultant. Our staff knows the inside and out of adaptive equipment and can custom fit and recommend the perfect wheelchair accessible vehicle transportation for friends, family and most importantly you!

There are many different options and possibilities with handicap accessible vehicles; the most common option is a wheelchair accessible minivan. A wheelchair accessible van is modified to allow a wheelchair or scooter user to drive their mobility equipment directly into the handicap accessible vehicle with no assistance. Featuring a 10-11″ dropped floor for easy entry and exist (with headroom up to 58″) and removable front seats that allow the user to ride safely in the front passenger area or even drive from their wheelchair.

Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

  • Create a list of features you want and need, so you can accurately access the cost differences.
  • Take into consideration how you’re going to transport the whole family.
  • Consider the adaptive equipment that needs to be transported. Will it change over time?
  • What is the age of the user and caregivers?
  • Have a budget. Check with a Mobility Consultant to obtain all information including 10-year financing options and rebates available.
  • Talk with a Certified Mobility Consultant to explain features and benefits, and guide you through the wheelchair van conversion buying process.
  • Purchasing your new or used wheelchair van from Ability Center provides a piece-of-mind because we are a Certified Mobility Dealer that is part of NMEDA and is QAP certified.
  • Rent and try before you buy. Ability Center will apply your handicap van rental costs to the purchase of a new or previously-owned handicap accessible vehicle.
  • Buy for today, and tomorrow! It’s a big investment that should last you many years.

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Common Mobility Purchase Questions

Do you convert the mobility vans there?

No. Vans with new ramp conversions are converted in three locations: Indiana, Michigan, and Arizona. We obtain them complete. We install external or internal lifts, and any adaptive equipment necessary to custom fit the driver to their van.

What vans are being converted?

Currently, the manufacturers are converting the Dodge/Chrysler minivans, Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey Chevrolet/Buick minivans, and Ford E-Series vans.

I want to carry two wheelchairs. Can I?

Most handicap van conversions make carrying two wheelchairs a breeze, but that depends on the style of chair or scooter. Talk to one of our Mobility Specialists they’ll know what will work for you.

I can’t make it down to your store. Can you come out?

Yes. We love in-home demonstrations. It gives you the chance to have your whole family there and try the new or used handicap van in your own environment. Just pick a van, and we’ll bring it out to you at no charge.

How do I secure my wheelchair?

Depending on the model, there are several ways to secure your equipment. Three typical ways are a 4-point manual strapping system that comes with every van; optional 4-point retractable straps; and the EZ-Lock bracket system. Please check with your Mobility Specialist to see if a bracket designed for your equipment. There are some popular wheelchairs on the market that do not have a bracket.

I want to save more money. What do you have?

Besides taking advantage of any and all rebates out there, consider a manual ramp version or the very popular used van with a new conversion. A pre-owned conversion van may be the way to go if you are considering a budget. You can save thousands on a pre-owned van.

Why is the price set the way it is?

The final price is a combined cost of the van AND the mobility conversion. What will determine the overall price is what you want out of the van and options (i.e.: Toyota Sienna Limited versus Dodge Grand Caravan SE). The conversions are priced very closely and do not generally affect the overall price.

Can I trade in my non-converted vehicle?

YES! Bring it by and we’ll give you the best deal on non-converted or converted vehicles. We’ll take the stress out of selling the vehicle on the market.

Can I try the van first?

Absolutely! We have a rental fleet, so try one over a weekend to see if it going to work for your family and we’ll credit you those costs on your purchase.

I want to buy my van at the dealer; they’ve been nice to me.

Depending on the manufacturer and conversion, that could be done. You will not take physical possession of the van, but your relationship with them will be continued. Before you do, talk to our Mobility Specialists and they’ll let you know if that van can be purchased through your favorite dealer. We have a great working relationship with most dealers, so we know how to work with the auto dealers in your town.

Do you offer financing for handicap vans?

Yes. We work with banks that finance mobility vans for up to 10 years, or on terms that fit your needs. Our rates are comparable to what is on the market.

Can I use my own bank?

Certainly. But be cautious, you must let them know that it is a van converted for wheelchair access. Some private or national banks will not finance the total cost of the mobility van, and only finance up to 120% of the value of the van prior to conversion. Call your Mobility Specialist before you go to your bank, it may be helpful to assist you with your bank by letting them know of your intentions.

Does Medicare pay for vans?

No. Due to Medicare guidelines and policy, the vehicle conversion is a “deluxe item” only to be used outside the home, for which that equipment Medicare does not deem “medically necessary”.

Who will assist with funds for me?

Depending on where you live, your state could have funds set aside for financial assistance. These funds are available upon application and approval of your case and if the state has funds available. Sometimes this can take up to 6 months or longer. Call our Mobility Specialist; they will know where to direct you to start the process.

I am a disabled Veteran. How do I obtain a mobility van?

If the VA has provided you with a wheelchair or scooter, you are entitled to a lift for your existing vehicle or a mobility conversion to transport that equipment. Depending on your diagnosis or if your disability is service-connected or not, either will be provided. Call us; we’ll work with your local VA to help you start the process. We are very experienced with Veterans’ policies and procedures.

Can I convert my own van?

The handicap vans we offer are complete, but you could convert your own. This is a very rare circumstance, but if it absolutely needs to be done your vehicle needs to fit the manufacturer’s criteria for converting a customer-owned van. In just about all cases, because of the time and additional expenses, it is more beneficial and cost-effective to the customer to purchase a van post-converted to take advantage of rebates. Conversions cannot be financed on their own.