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Adapt Solutions® XL-Base

Whether it’s a car that is too low or too high, or maybe the van seat creates a weird entrance angle, an Adapt Solutions XL-Base transfer seat can be installed to help you easily transition from wheelchair to car and vice versa. In one smooth, simple motion, the XL-Base rotates and then gently lowers out of the vehicle. This cycle can be stopped at any time to allow transfer at the desired height.

The XL-Base is installed into your vehicle’s original seat mounts, meaning your vehicle will not experience any structural modifications. The seat is easily installed and removed to return the vehicle to its original condition and preserves the resale value.

Adapt Solutions XL-Base Features

  • 350 lbs. weight capacity
  • Equipped with an emergency backup system
  • Power supplied by your vehicle
  • Optional footrest and armrest
  • Safety is ensured with third-party compliance verification

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