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Transfer Boards

For a little help getting in and out of low vehicles, transfer boards bridge the gap between the vehicle exterior and the driver’s or passenger’s seat. Our most economical product type, transfer boards are easy to remove when not in use. They fold up, in, and out of the way for your convenience when driving.

Our Transfer Board Products

BraunAbility® Transfer Board

A simple, economical solution for low vehicles, the BraunAbility® Transfer Board manually rotates out and down when needed, and stores up and out of the way.

Transfer Boards

Adapt Solution® Asento –XL-Seat

A power transfer board that takes you from the floor of the vehicle up to the driver’s or passenger’s seat. Complete with a retractable support arm and an easy-to-use hand pendant.

Adapt Solution Asento XL-seat

Frequently Asked Questions about Transfer Boards

What is the easiest car to get in and out of

The easiest car to get in and out of is one that has a mobility assistive transfer device, such as a handicap accessible transfer seat or transfer board. Each person’s situation is different, and your local dealer can perform a free needs analysis to see which type of product would be right for you.

How do I know if a transfer board is compatible with my current vehicle

Choosing the correct swivel base for a user and their vehicle comes down to a wide range of variables. The user’s height, mobility and weight as well as the height of the vehicle’s door opening all play an important role in determining what will work for each individual user. We have an accessible seating solution for hundreds of different vehicles. Contact us to confirm that your current vehicle is compatible with one of our products.

Can I finance my transfer board

Yes! We finance seating, service, and vehicles. Contact the location near you for more information.