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Vehicle Seating Products Available for Sale

Looking for reliable, safe mobility solutions for your current vehicle? At Ability Center we pride ourselves in helping people with limited mobility get in and out of their vehicles by offering innovative, discreet, user-friendly, and easily installed quality mobility seats.

woman using braun turny evo assist seat

This worry-free solution is an ideal alternative for anyone with limited mobility, or wheelchair users who are looking for easier transfers in and out of a vehicle.

Learn More About the Turny Evo Swivel Car Seat

Uses the original seat so you can keep the comfort, feel, and style of your interior. Customizable seating positions ensure safety and comfort.

Learn More About the Link Seat

Skillfully turns and lowers the original seat out of the vehicle. Its concept and design make it reliable, safe, and easy to use.

Learn More About the XL Base

A transfer board that takes you from the floor of the vehicle up to the driver’s or passenger’s seat. Complete with a retractable support arm and an easy-to-use hand pendant.

Learn More About the Asento – XL Seat

Designed exclusively for the Mazda 5®, the XL Board is a compact, simple solution for bridging the gap from a wheelchair to a driver or front passenger seat.

Learn More About the XL Board

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