Preventative maintenance plays an important part in the continued trouble-free operation of your wheelchair-accessible vehicle. Just like regular maintenance — such as oil changes — keeps your car running smoothly, performing routine wheelchair van service and repair on your mobility equipment helps prevent problems that could take you off the road.

Additionally, maintaining a preventative maintenance schedule ensures you get the highest value from your wheelchair van when it is assessed for its trade-in value when you are ready to upgrade your vehicle.

If this is your first time servicing your wheelchair van, we’ve outlined what to expect during a service appointment.

Wheelchair Van and Mobility Product Maintenance

If you use your vehicle every day, we recommend servicing your wheelchair van every six months or 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. Keep in mind exposure to severe weather conditions may require more frequent vehicle maintenance. When repairs or service are needed, the three most common items are:

  • Ramp or lift problems (i.e., the ramp not going in or out)
  • Ramp door problems (i.e., the door not opening or closing correctly)
  • Kneeling system issues (van lowering)

Our Ability Center technicians are specially trained to work on mobility equipment, including wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, assist seating, hand controls, and other mobility products. All our locations are also Quality Assurance Program (QAP) certified through the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA). This designation means we adhere to the best practices within the adaptive mobility equipment industry, providing the highest level of performance and safety.

A standard maintenance appointment will address all the major components of your vehicle’s ramp system to ensure they are performing optimally and prevent any costly repairs or inconvenient downtime. By setting up regular appointments with your local Ability Center dealer, you are extending the life of your wheelchair van. This is important because most issues can be detected and fixed before they cause a breakdown. Contact your Mobility Specialist today to schedule a service appointment.

Ability Center’s Guardian Program

When you purchase a wheelchair van from Ability Center, you are automatically enrolled in our Guardian Vehicle Program. As a member, you will receive free general maintenance on your wheelchair van and additional benefits like free 49-point mobility inspections twice a year. This includes cleaning and lube on all mobility equipment, as long as you own the vehicle. You’ll also have access to preferred service appointments and discounted rental rates if more extensive servicing or repairs are needed on your vehicle.

Routine wheelchair van maintenance and repair are essential for extending the life of your vehicle. Your local Ability Center dealer is here to provide safe and reliable service for the life of your vehicle. Contact a Mobility Specialist to schedule your next service appointment today.