Different Types of Handicap Vans for You to Choose From

Handicap vans have revolutionized the way people with disabilities get around. Thanks to all of the great technology being developed in this day and age, those who are disabled are able to have the freedom to travel around any time they want and to do so in style. Never before in history have there been so many different types of vans to choose from with so many great features and options. If you are new to the idea of owning one of these vans, here is a quick snapshot of the type of wheelchair vans that are available for you to choose from.

Wheelchair Minivan Types

One of the most common handicap vans purchased by those with disabilities is minivans. Years ago the only type of van you could get converted for use with wheelchairs were full-size vehicles, which were often expensive, clunky looking, and difficult to handle on the open road. Minivans are smaller, more stylish, and easy to drive. You can also get them customized with different options and even some luxury features like leather seats, depending on the manufacturer of the vehicle.

You can also choose handicap vans based on what type of entry system they have installed on the vehicle itself. Many vehicles now use lift technology to help those in wheelchairs enter and exit out of the vehicle. These lifts are often hydraulically powered. Lifts and ramps can either be installed at the rear of the vehicle or on the side depending on the personal preference of the individual.

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