The Modern Conveniences of Handicap Vans

Handicap vans are wheelchair-accessible vehicles that have been converted for the convenience of disabled motorists.  The very idea of these vans is a welcomed one, as motorists who can no longer walk or can walk only with difficulty, now have the ability to be mobile and go across town whenever they choose.  In addition to accessibility, these vans also provide customized convenience.

For instance, motorists can choose between two basic setups: wheelchair ramps or lifts.  Some motorists prefer the ramp while others appreciate the lift; customized solutions work best.  In fact, many mobility dealerships actually add customizations to handicap vans according to user’s specific needs, including hand controls, seats, and so on.

On average, customizations take a few days to finish, though the total process could take approximately six weeks.  When looking for handicap accessible vans today, you can choose not only from convenient setups, but also your own personal favorites when it comes to luxury features.  Some of the best new wheelchair vans include satellite radio, portable DVD players, heated seats, anti-lock brakes, power windows, and many other features associated with new handicap-accessible vans.

The good news is that while wheelchair vans are by no means cheap, you can actually find many helpful incentives that will help you get into a vehicle as soon as possible.  Some of these incentives are local and some are state-sponsored.  Even if none of those incentives turn out, however, you can still drive away in a wheelchair van by looking into finance options.  Some individuals are currently financing vans on a ten-year loan!  That’s just several dollars a day when you think about it.

Why put this decision off any longer?  Not only can you expect convenience, but you can also expect a customized solution that will make your daily errands much easier!  For more information, contact The Ability Center mobility consultants to learn what mobility vans are available.