Is the Cost Worth Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van?

Wheelchair-accessible vans provide essential mobility for people with disabilities, who make up 61 million of the US population. But whether you already own one or not, the cost to rent a wheelchair-accessible van can seem too high.

Renting a wheelchair accessible van is more than just about the money. In certain circumstances, it can liberate mobility enough to add comfort and prevent injury.

In some cases, it’s even a money saver. Sometimes lugging around your own personal WAV is worse for your finances than it is better.

Keep reading to know why renting a wheelchair accessible van could be ideal for you. Understand your mobility needs and rent a WAV accordingly.

Your WAV Needs Lengthy Repairs or Maintenance

A wheelchair-accessible van rental will substitute your personal WAV if it is undergoing high-maintenance repairs. Using a vehicle not specialized to accommodate your disabilities can provide a rough transition, even if used temporarily.

Continue your usual mobility by renting a WAV for the few days that your personal WAV is getting fixed. That way, you won’t have to compromise on comfort even if your WAV is out of sight.

High-Maintenance Travel

If you’re part of the booming statistic that frequents trips to exciting destinations, rent a WAV. Wheelchair users will benefit from a wheelchair-accessible van rental during long trips or vacations. Some wheelchair users even seek out wheelchair-accessible RVs for lengthier road trips.

This way, you won’t put extra wear and tear onto your own personal WAV, which can accumulate in cost in the long run. Instead, you can rent a WAV so that you won’t have to worry about the number of miles wearing away at your vehicle.

Renting a WAV is also very practical for wheelchair users traveling on planes. By renting a WAV at your landing destination, you’ll only have to exit the aircraft and enter your rental.

A WAV rental will remove worries about compromising your personal vehicle. It will also let you freely navigate the area that you’re vacationing in, allowing you to enjoy the full potential of your trip. To add more comfort, you might

Temporary Injuries

Accidents happen, and their resulting injuries make mobility much harder. In that case, you’ll want to rent a wheelchair-accessible van specially tailored to your temporary condition.

Your usual WAV may not accommodate your new needs. Renting a WAV that addresses your current injuries will make the healing process much more comfortable.

It will also be much safer for you to use and will prevent even more injury from occurring. You can speak to a mobility consultant and the vehicle rental service to assess which options are best for your circumstance.

This is even more crucial if those accidents necessitate frequent therapy sessions. Since you’ll have to travel a lot more, renting a specially customized WAV will ensure that your journeys happen seamlessly.

Reap the Benefits of Renting a Wheelchair Accessible Van

Renting a wheelchair accessible van seems pricey. But certain rental circumstances have great value, and others prioritize help for people with disabilities above cost.

You’ll be investing in comfort and mobility through a WAV rental. So if your life would be easier through a rental, don’t hesitate to understand your options!

At Ability Center, dedicate our energy and expertise to those with disabilities. That means that we understand exactly how important mobility support is.

That’s why we offer a diverse, carefully curated array of services and products for people with disabilities. If that’s exactly what you need, then contact us today!

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