Renting a Handicap Vehicle With Ability Center

If you need a wheelchair-accessible van in order to drive around but don’t want to commit to purchasing one, did you know you can rent one whenever you need it? If you’re interested in trying one out before taking the plunge into a new handicap vehicle purchase, we have options for you that allow you to rent a van for a day, a week, or even a month!

Ability Center is stocked with a fleet of late-model wheelchair conversion vans that are available for short and long-term rentals. When you decide to rent one, we give you a quick training on how the conversions operate, demonstrate the tie-downs, and offer up any other information you think you need to quickly adjust to the van and get where you’re going safely and efficiently.

If you plan on renting a van through Ability Center, we do prefer reservations to make sure you’ll have exactly what you want when you are ready to rent it. We also have a courtesy pick up and delivery services as well as a fly and drive program, where we meet you at the airport. If you’re done with your rental and love it so much you’re ready to purchase it, we will apply the rental fees to the purchase price.

We love renting out our vans to show you what we have to offer. Next time you’re heading out on vacation, a weekend road trip, or even just running errands, give us a call! We are more than happy to help you find the right wheelchair-accessible vehicle for your lifestyle.

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