We’ve all seen the paint-lined parking spaces reserved for wheelchair vans and other accessible vehicles — but how often is there something parked there that shouldn’t be? Whether hazard lights are flashing in a “one moment, we’ll be right back” way or just plain parked, it’s a problem. That’s why BraunAbility launched the Drive for Inclusion initiative to bring awareness to the issue and promote accessibility and mobility inclusivity.

Ability Center and our more than 100 employees were thrilled to join this initiative! Across our 14 west coast locations we are dedicated to solving mobility problems, but Ability Center is about more than expert industry knowledge and the latest technologies. Our goal is to understand our clients, build relationships, and find the right solutions for their mobility needs. When the time came to lend our voice (and parking spaces) to the movement, the decision was easy.

Why Wheelchair Van Parking is Needed

Whether an accessible vehicle has a side-entry wheelchair ramp, lift, or other mobility feature, parking spaces with access aisles are essential. After all, an accessible vehicle is really only helpful if its features can be employed. Accessible parking abuse is rampant—one survey found that 74 percent of interviewees had witnessed the abuse of accessible parking spaces.

BraunAbility set out to raise awareness of the issue and put a stop to accessible parking abuse. The solution? 3D creativity. The mobility solutions provider reached out to artist Tracy Lee Stum, a former Guinness World Record holder known for her stunning and lifelike 3D chalk and street painting art.

The Meaning Behind the Design

As part of BraunAbility’s larger Drive for Inclusion movement, Stum dreamed up a 3D optical illusion for parking space access aisles to mimic a raised barrier. This discourages drivers from parking in the space, allowing for accessible vehicles to deploy the side-entry wheelchair ramps and other features needed for mobility.

This unique design made its debut outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May 2019. Aligning the timing with National Mobility Awareness Month and the start of the Indianapolis 500 allowed for maximum exposure to help spread BraunAbility’s message further—it’s time for society to embrace mobility inclusivity.

Two accessible wheelchair van parking spaces with access aisles featuring artist Tracy Lee Stum’s 3D artwork for BraunAbility’s Drive for Inclusion initiative.Since its introduction last year, the 3D art movement has spread across the nation. Ability Center is proud to be a part of that pattern, partnering with BraunAbility and Drive for Inclusion to create a mobility culture dedicated to helping drivers of accessible vehicles get where they need to be. If you visit our Phoenix, San Diego, Orange County, or Eugene locations, you’ll see we’ve done a bit of redecorating. Stum’s unique and thoughtful design is front and center on our handicap parking spaces, helping us better ensure our customers have the space they need to be mobile.

Creating An Inclusive Culture

This 3D art is only the beginning of BraunAbility’s Drive for Inclusion movement. A major factor in creating a culture that’s understanding of, and sensitive to the unique needs of a community, is helping people see what everyday life looks like for its members — and for that, the movement will need your help. Lend your voice and story to the Driving Force Community to help advocates of inclusivity spread the word and ignite change.

Ability Center is a partner to those with unique mobility and accessibility needs, committed to working alongside the community through every step of the journey. Together, we can call attention to an issue that has too-long gone unnoticed and help end accessible parking abuse.

Ability Center is honored to be a part of the movement to protect accessible wheelchair van parking and help create a culture of inclusivity for all. Are you looking for an accessible vehicle to help you get where you need to be? Reach out to one of our mobility specialists to find the perfect solutions for your unique needs!