Off-Road Accessibility with a Wheelchair Accessible Truck

Wheelchair accessible trucks are one of many transportation vehicles offered by your local Ability Center store. Being a licensed Ryno Mobility Handicap Truck Dealer gives our customers the option to convert a Chevy, Dodge, or Nissan pickup truck into their dream vehicle, while also fulfilling their need for a handicap accessible product. Our friendly associates, who are experienced with Ryno Mobility products, help customers find a truck that is customized to their specifications.

Ryno Mobility Wheelchair Accessible Trucks

Ryno Mobility features conversions for many models of trucks such as the Chevrolet 1500, the Ford F-150, and the Silverado. Thanks to Ryno Mobility’s wide variety of conversion options, it will be easy to pick a model that works best with whatever truck you chose. With convenient options that fit every customer’s needs, look no farther than Ability Center to equip every wheelchair-accessible vehicle customization need!

A few options that are offered through Ryno are the handicap platform lift and The Freedom Seat. The platform lift is the perfect addition to any of Ability Center’s wheelchair-accessible trucks, as its design fits seamlessly and efficiently into the vehicle. The fully articulating Freedom Seat moves in and out of the truck, which allows a passenger to easily enter or exit. These designs and many others are all Ryno Mobility products that are compatible with the wide range of trucks offered at Ability Center stores.

Through a full line of Ryno Mobility conversion products, Ability Center brings customers the most options for wheelchair-accessible trucks in the market! If you are thinking that a Ryno Mobility handicap truck conversion is the right choice for you, Ability Center has wheelchair vehicles available in California, Arizona, and Nevada and we are ready to help you get your hands on one. Contact us today for more information and to find out how you can discover the truck of your dreams!