New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Fun!

If you are like us, each year we try to set goals to better ourselves, get in better shape, drink less, blah, blah, blah!  What if we tried some things that would be fun and unique and would indirectly enhance our lives?!?  Are you game?

1. Take more pictures

Take more pictures of yourself and your friends/family. She-Bit-Goofball
With all the smartphones having amazing cameras, there is no excuse.  Capture every moment like it’s your last.  Smile like you are trying to win a smiling contest.  Be goofy and make each moment a memory!  Develop a good relationship with your body; love who you are right now and embrace it.

2. Make a New Friend(s)

Make a new friend a month:
Fact: friends are good for your health; and the more you have of them the better. So, why not make it a New Year’s resolution to start collecting them? To expand your social circle, try to make one new friend a month by making a conscious effort to attend more social events, chat to strangers and get introductions to friends of friends. Making friends with people with different personalities and interests from you can be particularly beneficial in helping you to broaden your horizons, explore different sides of your personality and find new ways to get the most out of life.

3. Smile!

Smile more! smile Smiling can make you happy (even when you are not).
Smiling can make other people happy. Smiling makes you more attractive (hello!!!).  Smiling can help you de-stress.  Smiling can help you land a job. Smiling to lead to laughter and lastly smiling can just make you feel good.

4. Be a Mentor

Reach out to someone who could use you as a Role Model. Most people are reluctant to seek help when they’re down. In much the same way, they are reluctant to ask for advice when things are going well. But everyone needs a role model to look up to and seek advice from, and at some point, everyone needs to be a role model to someone else. Knowing that somebody looks up to you and wants to follow in your footsteps will encourage you to always be your best self—to develop an impeccable character and set a standard that you will always strive to live up to. In 2016, set an example for someone else, in order to bring out the best in yourself.

5. Go Outside

Get more fresh air. Find an excuse every day for a little bit of fresh air no matter how big or how small. Work in an office? Park farther away from the building just to get a few extra seconds of fresh air.  Have your coffee on your front steps when it gets warmer or, if you have the time, get out and take a walk. Whatever you do, breathe more outdoor air doing it.

6. Start a New Tradition

Start a new family tradition.  1833925-dsc_0056Start a tradition of writing a letter to your child each new year or on their birthday that they can open later. Start a popcorn movie night or game night once a month. Whatever you pick, find something that you or your family can count on that brings you closer together.

7. Travel to a New Place

Go somewhere you have never been.  This doesn’t mean you have to go to some far off land and spend lots of money.  There are hidden gems all around us and I bet you there are a handful within an hour’s drive from where you live.  Whether it be a roadside marker that has historical significance or a little museum, check it out and expand your horizons.

8. Technical Detox

Clear out your email box: Over 1,000 emails? Clear out the spam and start the year with a fresh email box.

9. Get Hydrated!

Drink more water.  We all know it’s good for us so why don’t we drink more water? benefits-of-water-001 Did you know that drinking lots of water helps you lose weight, gives you healthier skin, helps fight infections, gets rid of body toxins (yuck!), boosts energy and improves productivity?