Kinds of Handicap Vans from the Ability Center

There is a wide range of handicap vans available from the Ability Center. You can either buy or rent them, and they are available used or new. Before you make a purchase or rent one of these wheelchair-accessible vans, you need to understand the options available to you so you can be sure to get the right one. For example, if you need to be able to parallel park your wheelchair van, then you should get one that has the lift on the side, as opposed to in the rear.

Some of these handicap-accessible vans can be equipped in such a way that they can be driven by wheelchair users themselves. In order for that to happen, two options may be needed. The first of these is a set of hand controls. Hand controls enable wheelchair users to operate a vehicle’s brake and gas pedals without the use of their feet. A transfer seat is another option that may be needed, depending on your handicapped van. This kind of seat pushes back from the steering wheel and pivots to the side, which makes it easier for the wheelchair user to occupy it. Neither of these options is included in all conversions, but you should look for them if you need them.

Regardless of precisely which type of handicap van you select, the Ability Center is a great place to purchase or rent it. If you end up purchasing, the Ability Center offers several friendly financing options which are designed to make that purchase easier for you. Furthermore, they have developed quite a reputation for providing some of the finest customer services in the entire wheelchair van business.