An Introduction to the Wheelchair Accessible Van

A lot of people hear the phrase “wheelchair accessible van” and picture a relatively institutionalized-looking vehicle. They are thinking only of the “old-fashioned” format, however, because the wheelchair-accessible van is often mistaken for the traditional minivan. This is exactly why so many people who require this sort of specialized transportation make a point of doing their shopping at the Ability Center.

Not only does the firm have a tremendous supply of handicap vans, but they also have all of the parts and services necessary for conversion vans, ramps, lifts, and driving aids too. Of course, the greatest array of products would not make a bit of difference if the consumer was left on their own to choose the right products for their needs. Just consider how many different makes and models are available and how many different styles can be selected!

The Certified Mobility Specialists at the Ability Center dealerships make the selection process as simple and clear as possible. It doesn’t matter if you have a limited budget or no working knowledge of the kind of wheelchair van you need. They are more than happy to meet with a client and work out all of the details. They will then guide you towards the options that are going to make your driving and riding experiences the best possible.

This is a lot of information to consider. For example, if you want a minivan-style vehicle, you still have to know what type of lift will work with your scooter or wheelchair. If you are to be the primary driver, you have to decide what sort of “floor plan” the vehicle needs. You have to know if there are driving aids required, and any other special accommodations needed. Rather than getting upset and overwhelmed by any of this, the customers of Ability Center simply explain their needs and choose from the recommendations given to them by our experts.