Handicap Vans Move into the 21st Century

Handicap vans have been around for a number of years. They started out as full-size vans equipped with basic mobility equipment and were often too large, too bulky or too expensive for the average consumer to own. However, things have changed considerably in recent years, and these vans now offer far more for individuals with physical disabilities. What might you find with today’s wheelchair vans?

New Mobility Equipment

One of the first things that you’ll notice when shopping for handicap-accessible vans is the fact that they now offer far more in the way of mobility equipment. Once upon a time, all they really could boast was an open floor plan and a wheelchair lift. Today, they offer wheelchair ramps, hand controls, lowering systems that make it simple for you to get in and out, transfer seats, and innovative wheelchair securement systems, as well.

New Designs

Of course, you’ll find that today’s handicap vans are also smaller in size and less cumbersome to maneuver. While full-size vans are still available, the rise of the minivan has forever changed the industry. Minivans are far easier to drive and to park, and they still provide plenty of space in the interior for those who are confined to a wheelchair.

More Widely Available

In the past, individuals with physical disabilities had to search endlessly for handicap vans. Usually, they were only available through special orders and took months to complete. However, modern wheelchair van dealers offer a wide selection of handicap vans that have already been modified to fit your needs, though custom orders are still possible, as well.

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