Handicap Vans Help Improve Mobility

If you or a loved one is physically challenged, getting around can be difficult.  It can be especially hard to find transportation from place to place because of the use of a wheelchair.  Handicap vans are the best way to transport those who are in wheelchairs or scooters.  The use of these types of vans is essential in helping improve the ability of wheelchair-bound people to get out and about.

You may choose to purchase a new or used van or you may want to add features to your own vehicle that will improve the mobility of those in a wheelchair.  Special features will easily accommodate a wheelchair or scooter and provide mobility that is often difficult to establish.  The handicap van is essential when you want to provide better access to the outside world.

The full-sized van and the minivan make the best choices for accessible vehicles.  The full-sized van lends itself to the adaptation easily, because it already is large enough to hold a wheelchair or scooter.  A minivan typically requires the floor to be lowered to allow for the wheelchair to fit comfortably inside.  The choice of van style is usually based on personal preference.

The van will require a lift in order to get the chair or scooter into the vehicle.  The lift is an easy way to get both the wheelchair and passenger into the van.  There are different styles available.  They mount in either the rear or side door of the van, allowing easy access to get the chair into the vehicle.  Choose to lift only the chair alone or the chair with the passenger, into the van.

Once inside the van, the wheelchair or scooter is locked into place to ensure that it doesn’t move while the van is moving.  Special controls are available for drivers who are disabled.  These controls allow the driver to use the brake and gas with their hands, rather than with their feet.