Things to Know When Considering a Handicap Van Rental

A handicap van rental can help to simplify this process, making traveling easier. Spacious and designed with disabilities in mind, these modified vehicles are more accessible to people who deal with limited mobility.

Join us as we review what to keep in mind when choosing a handicap van rental and why we hope you’ll choose Ability Center as your rental provider of choice!

You’ll Want a Handicap Parking Pass

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding on a handicap-accessible van rental is that you’ll also want parking to be made as easy as possible too. In the United States, this is going to mean making sure the person with mobility problems is issued a handicapped parking permit.

While exact requirements vary by state, these passes make it legal to park in handicapped spots. These spots are designed with handicap-accessible vehicles in mind.

The requirements these spots must adhere to, help ensure room for wheelchair ramps and reduce the need for walking/wheeling to reach nearby structures. That’s why it is important to make sure you can legally make use of them.

Choose a Handicap Van Rental Location

Once you’ve decided on getting a rental and the person who requires transport has their handicap parking permit or placard, you’ll need to find a van rental location.

Ability Center has rental locations across the country, see the full list here. We’ve done our best to streamline the rental process since we know trying to find a handicap-accessible rental vehicle can be stressful enough. There shouldn’t be any complicated hoops between you and your rental.

Our rentals can be set up at our locations or ahead of time. We recommend using our online form to begin the rental process so that by the time you get to one of our locations, the hard part will already be done! That way picking up your vehicle will be a breeze.

You can also choose to discuss with us alternatives to renting. Even if purchasing a vehicle outright isn’t possible, there is also financing. Visit our financing page for more information if you’re interested, where you will also find out how to contact our expert support team!

Ability Center Can Meet Your Accessible Vehicle Needs

At Ability Center, we’ve made it our mission to provide handicap van rentals at affordable rates to those who need them. On top of that, we also offer a wide selection of vehicles for purchase and sell a variety of mobility products to those looking for more permanent solutions.

If you’re curious about our offerings but have more questions, we’d love to hear from you. Our staff is always ready to offer information, advice, and clarification as needed to customers and potential customers alike. All you need to do is contact us!