Get a Wheelchair Accessible Van with Style

If you use a wheelchair or scooter, you may groan at the words: wheelchair accessible van. This is because you may have had some negative experiences with them in the past. After all, they were once pretty poorly designed vehicles that were tough to get into and out from, and let’s face it…some were really not attractive.

Pay a visit to the Ability Center and check out their inventory. What you will see will permanently change your view of the accessible van because they make a point of having the latest, greatest, and most stylish models available. You can find very hip Toyota vans, extremely customized Dodge vans, good-looking Honda vans, and much more.

Naturally, you want an accessible wheelchair van to be loaded with premium features that make travel comfortable and easy too, and the Ability Center really delivers. They have a long history in the sales and maintenance of mobility equipment, and this means they have a very good idea of what it is you will need and want.

For example, they are well aware of the fact that you may want a fully motorized wheelchair lift and ramp setup in your dream mobility van. They also know that you may be looking for a model with dropped floors, hand controls, rear loading options, removable seats, and oh that list just goes on and on. Stop searching in places that have only one or two models available. Ability Center has an entire inventory of new and used wheelchair vans that feature everything you want.

They also know that pricing can be a real hurdle for many buyers, and that is why they have a dedicated team working with leasing, financing, and special agencies that ensure you have options. You can get around, and in good style, when you start looking for your van.