Full Size or Smaller Handicap Vans?

There are plenty of options for handicap vans available. There are both minivans and full-sized vans available and this, for many drivers, will constitute the most significant difference in the choice between one wheelchair van and another. To help guide this choice, consider the following.

City or Country?

If you live on country roads, a full-sized van might give you a more comfortable ride over rugged terrain. These vehicles have the same sized engines as do the vans they were converted from, so you can count on a lot of power when you need it to deal with more rugged conditions. Wheelchair-accessible vans, despite their lowered clearance, can handle very tough conditions.

Country conditions usually mean that your rides are a bit longer and, if you’re getting supplies, that your loads of groceries and other items are probably a bit bigger. A full-sized van might be more practical for these reasons.

In the city, minivans have some great advantages. Their smaller size makes them easier to park and you’ll have a more convenient time getting into smaller parking spaces and tighter parking lots. They have plenty of power, too, and can keep up with traffic under any normal driving conditions. They still have a lot of cargo space, and this makes them great for runs to the store or for other errands.

If you want something truly different, remember that there are pickup conversions and motorcycle conversions, as well. These vehicles offer you even more options and, if you want something that truly stands out in the crowd, these may be the way for you to go. The 4×4 pickup conversions are particularly good for those that live on challenging roads and generally off the beaten path and, because of that, need a vehicle that can take a beating on rugged roads, as well!