Finding a Wheelchair Van to Suit Your Needs

A wheelchair van can greatly improve the quality of life for those who are wheelchair users.  Often, mobility is an issue for people who are wheelchair-bound.  The best option to increase mobility is to choose a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  There are many options to choose from, with one that is sure to fit your needs and your budget.

A conversion van is one of the best options for transporting those in wheelchairs.  The van can be successfully adapted to accommodate wheelchair transportation.  A wheelchair van is essential in assisting those with disabilities get around.  The van has several features that will allow you to transport wheelchair passengers.

One of the most important features that may be necessary is a wheelchair lift.  The lift can be mounted under the outside of the van or inside the van at either the rear or side door.  The lift helps easily get the wheelchair into the van, making mobility easier.  Once inside the van, passengers can choose to stay seated in their wheelchair or sit in specially designed seating.

Some of the seats will be removed from the van to adapt it for wheelchair use.  A wheelchair van may include some specially designed seats that will accommodate a disabled passenger comfortably.  These seats may swivel to allow the passenger to get in and out more easily.  The van may also allow for the driver to be seated in a wheelchair or scooter.

Disabled drivers have additional special needs when it comes to the vehicle.  The dashboard can be adapted to allow better access to the features.  The gas and brake pedals can be converted for hand use, allowing anyone to be able to drive.  The best van to choose is one that offers all the options that you’ll need to safely and comfortably transport your wheelchair passenger.