You Can Afford Handicap Vans with Help from Ability Center

Ability Center says yes, you can afford the handicap van you’ve always wanted.  Sure, we’re not denying the fact that these vans can be pricey.  After all, they offer the latest luxury in conversion parts (lifts, ramps, hand controls, and so on) as well as the latest in automatic convenience.

There’s no denying that these vans can cost upwards of $50,000 when they’re brand new.  However, that doesn’t mean that you have to be rich just to afford this type of handicap van.  Here are some options to consider.

Wheelchair Van Financing

Have you ever thought of financing a new or used wheelchair van?  While we don’t finance in-house we can set you up with a company that will help you get out on the road immediately.  You can make monthly payments on handicap vans and can even finance a loan for upwards of ten years!

Used Vehicles

Maybe you can’t afford a 2012 full-sized van but you can probably afford a 2009 or 2010 van with a few miles on it.  These handicap-accessible vans are merely pre-owned vans that still have plenty of miles left.  And for a lower sales or finance price, you can definitely make an exception.  A used or pre-owned vehicle will still have the same quality conversions (that pass an inspection) and still give you the features of handicap vans you love most: auto windows and doors, GPS, leather seating, and so on.

Local Incentives

Did you know that your local government and other organizations may be able to help fund your purchase or financing contract?  If you’re in doubt just ask us for assistance.  We can help you get all of the incentives you have coming to you and make sure you drive away happy.