A wheelchair tie-down is an essential component of a safe trip on the road. Choosing the right kind of tie-down system for your wheelchair van shouldn’t be overwhelming, though. Taking the time to know what’s out there will help you find the best system to keep you safe. We’re breaking down the types of restraints to help get your wheelchair on the road.

Wheelchair Tie-Down Options

There are three options to choose from when purchasing a wheelchair accessible van: manual tie-downs, retractable tie-downs and docking systems. We take a look at each system to help you choose the right one for your mobility needs.

Manual Tie-Downs

Manual tie-downs are one of the most affordable options available. These are secured using a four-point system with two straps in the front and two in the back. Once the wheelchair is in place, you simply pull the manual straps tight or use a ratchet to take up the slack. This type of securement is ideal for wheelchair users who have someone to assist when it comes time to secure their wheelchair in the vehicle.

Retractable Tie-Downs

These securements offer a quicker alternative to the manual four-point system. The straps retract and tighten automatically when secured, making it easier for the wheelchair user to secure on their own. However, it’s helpful if someone is there to ensure the straps are attached at the correct angle. Retractable tie-downs are among the most popular securement methods because of their ease of use and space-saving capabilities.

Docking System

Docking systems are designed to allow wheelchair users to drive from their chairs. They can replace the driver’s seat of the wheelchair van, which sets them apart from other methods. It also allows you to use the vehicle without help. This system requires professional installation to ensure the base is secure. The wheelchair must also be modified with a locking bolt at the bottom.

Finding a Wheelchair Van

If you are looking for a wheelchair accessible van that already comes equipped with a securement system, browsing the Ability Center inventory is the first step to finding the wheelchair van that works best for you. We offer a wide selection of new and used vehicles from top brands like Chrysler, Honda and Toyota. Whatever your needs may be, our Mobility Specialists are here to guide you through every step of the process and find the perfect vehicle for you.

Wheelchair tie-downs offer safety and security while on the road. If you are ready to buy a wheelchair van, reach out to your local Ability Center dealer! Our team of Mobility Specialists is available in 15 of our locations across the country to help you find your mobility independence.