3 Benefits of Handicap Accessible Vehicles

Freedom and self-reliance are essential to keeping an individual with a disability in good health psychologically. Having to rely on others for everything, including transportation, can really make disabled people feel helpless, and this can lead to a defeatist attitude and a poor quality of life. A great way to build up a sense of self-reliance and freedom in a disabled person is to use handicap accessible vehicles for transportation. These types of vehicles have a lot of benefits that can help restore a sense of independence and much more in disabled people.

More Options Available

One benefit of handicap accessible vehicles is that they now come in a variety of models, makes, and styles. There was a time years ago that disabled individuals were limited to either public transportation or ugly conversion vans. This is not the case anymore. Many people are using sport utility vehicles, trucks, and minivans as transportation for disabled people. A lot of these types of vehicles are built low to the ground making installation of a wheelchair ramp even easier. Some vehicles have doors on the back that open up to one side, which makes getting in and out of the vehicle easier and safer. Disabled individuals are no longer stuck with large, clunky vans, as they can now choose smaller vehicles like cars due to innovative automobile design and mobility equipment advancements.

Hand Controls and Driving Aids

A second benefit of handicap accessible vehicles is that many of them can have controls installed that will allow disabled individuals to drive safely. The controls for both the brake and gas are on the steering wheel, allowing individuals who cannot use their legs to still be able to drive themselves around. The driver seat is typically missing from these types of vehicles, which allows the wheelchair to act as the driver’s seat. There are safety clamps or tie downs that secure the wheelchair to keep it from moving during travel. The ability to drive around and run errands or visit family and friends fosters a sense of self-reliance and can improve the self-image of most disabled people.

Affordable Price

A third benefit of handicap accessible vehicles is they are more affordable than in previous years. You can purchase a used wheelchair van or vehicle for a fairly good price. Used wheelchair vehicles are newer, usually only being a couple of years old, so the mileage is low. The equipment is already installed on the used vehicle, which saves money on buying and installing new equipment.

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