Wheelchair Accessible Trucks

Wheelchair Accessible Truck with doors open and ramp down

Looking for an accessible vehicle option other than a wheelchair van for your mobility solution? Inquire about the possibility of purchasing an accessible truck.

By choosing a wheelchair accessible truck, you gain more freedom for travel. Whether you’re going off-road on a trip, in need of more cargo space, or looking for a more powerful vehicle, an accessible truck might be the option for you.

Accessible Truck Features

Accessible trucks are a great way for an adventurer to gain independence. From driving through tough terrain, to towing equipment and hauling items, a handicap truck can help you live your life without compromising.

Accessible Truck Side Entry Batwing Doors

More Ground Clearance 

Wheelchair accessible trucks provide a higher ground clearance allowing you to explore even the toughest terrains. 

Protection From Weather 

The batwing doors that are often seen on accessible trucks provide coverage from weather to you and your mobility products. 

Ryno Mobility

There are a variety of wheelchair lifts for trucks available, but a handicap platform lift underneath can create a fully wheelchair accessible truck. If you don’t want typical wheelchair van conversions, inquire into the possibility of purchasing the best wheelchair accessible truck conversion in the country. Ryno Mobility can convert both the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra extended cab trucks. 

Ryno Mobility Accessible Truck

Accessible Truck Mobility Solutions

Ability Center offers a wide variety of mobility products that are compatible with a handicap truck. If you’re in need of hand controls in your truck, the Sure Grip hand controls are a popular option. Scooter and wheelchair lifts are often installed in trucks as a convenient way to transport your mobility device on the go. Our vehicle seating products, such as the BraunAbility Turny Evo and the Adapt Solutions Link Seat provide reliable and discreet options to assist you with entering your vehicle. Contact us to find which mobility solution would be best for you and your accessible truck.

BraunAbility Turny Evo

For your travel journey, BraunAbility Turny Evo provides a safe mobility solution. BraunAbility Turny Evo is a worry-free solution for those with limited mobility or wheelchair users who are looking for easier transfer in and out of an accessible truck. 

Guidosimplex floor mounted hand controls

Hand Controls 

Adding a hand control to your accessible truck can be a great mobility solution for those who want to be independent but have limited use of their limbs. With advanced hand controls for handicap driving, users gain independence with solutions for operating turn signals, accelerating and braking, and many more driving features.  

Demonstration of out-rider wheelchair lift in truck

Scooter and Wheelchair Lifts 

Scooter Lifts from Ability Center are a convenient way to transport your scooter or mobility device wherever you go. Adding an exterior lift to an accessible truck allows you to keep your cab space free for you and your passengers while storing your scooter or wheelchair in the truck bed.  

Wheelchair Accessible Trucks FAQ

Can my accessible truck bed be covered in case of weather?

Yes, accessible equipment and other items you might need can still be covered in weather. The Clock Mobility Access-A-Top is one solution that can provide coverage for truck bed.  

Is there a way I can close the truck bed and use the wheelchair lift at the same time?

Yes, with the addition of Clock Mobility Access-A-Top, you will be able to use your lift and close the truck bed simultaneously.  

Can I add hand controls to my truck conversion?

Yes, we can install most hand controls to any truck for a mobility solution.  

Will I be able to use my original vehicle seat?

Yes, there are options available to allow you to keep existing vehicle seat.  

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